Avengers Infinity War Mystery Box


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Avengers Infinity War Mystery Box: The Infinite Saga Unfolds

Enter the fray with the Avengers Infinity War Mystery Box, where every fan gets to relive the most intense moments of Marvel's defining battle. The saga that brought heroes together from all corners of the galaxy is encapsulated in this one-of-a-kind collection.

What’s in the Box?

Prepare for an exclusive selection of 5-8 premium, officially-licensed collectibles, each one a piece of the Infinity War legacy. Imagine owning artifacts that might have been touched by the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, or even Thanos himself. These aren't just mere items; they're fragments of history from the greatest showdown in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Join the League of Heroes!

Don’t just watch the heroes; align with them by securing your own Avengers Infinity War Mystery Box. This collection isn't just for the avid collector; it's for the guardian of memories, the hero of their own story, ensuring the Infinity War saga lives on.

  • Includes 5-8 Premium Products
  • Savings Up To $20 Off Retail
    (when purchased individually)
  • Buying for yourself?
    Same Box = Same Contents

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