Harley Quinn 4th Edition Mystery Box


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DC Harley Quinn 4th Edition Mystery Box: Chaos and Charm

Dive into the unpredictable world of Gotham's most notorious antiheroine with the DC Harley Quinn 4th Edition Mystery Box. This edition pays homage to the evolution of Harley Quinn, showcasing her journey from the Joker's sidekick to a beloved character in her own right, celebrated for her wit, independence, and chaotic good nature.

What’s in the Box?

Discover 5-8 premium, officially-licensed DC Harley Quinn collectibles. Each item in this curated selection mirrors Harley's vibrant personality and iconic style, ranging from her classic jester costume to her modern-day badass looks. While the details remain a surprise, fans can expect a mix of merchandise that embodies the essence of Harley's charm and her penchant for mayhem.

Unleash Your Inner Harley!

Perfect for die-hard fans and newcomers alike, this box invites you to embrace the spirited and rebellious nature of Harley Quinn. It's an opportunity to celebrate the complexity of her character and the impact she's had on the DC universe. Get ready to add a splash of anarchy and fun to your collection!

  • Includes 5-8 Premium Products
  • Savings Up To $20 Off Retail
    (when purchased individually)
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