Gremlins Mystery Box


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Gremlins Mystery Box: Mischief and Mayhem Collection

Immerse yourself in the playful yet chaotic world of the Gremlins Mystery Box, a compilation celebrating the cult-classic film that blended humor with a touch of horror. This box is a must-have for fans who love the mischievous antics of Gizmo and the ensuing gremlin chaos.

What’s in the Box?

Enclosed are 5-8 premium, officially-licensed Gremlins collectibles. Each item captures the spirit of the movie, from Gizmo's adorable charm to the unpredictable nature of his gremlin counterparts. These pieces, full of surprises, range across various categories, providing a perfect blend of nostalgia and excitement.

Unleash the Fun!

Ideal for those who enjoy a bit of mischief in their collectibles, this box offers a unique journey back to the 80s, celebrating one of the most memorable creatures in film history. Dive into the Gremlins' world, but remember – no feeding them after midnight!

  • Includes 5-8 Premium Products
  • Savings Up To $20 Off Retail
    (when purchased individually)
  • Buying for yourself?
    Same Box = Same Contents

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