Invader Zim Mystery Box


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Invader Zim Mystery Box: Conquer Earth with Zim

Scheme with the galaxy's most ambitious Irken with the Invader Zim Mystery Box, an assemblage of items perfect for any would-be conqueror. This box is a tribute to the cult classic that combined dark humor with the absurdity of intergalactic domination.

What’s in the Box?

Plot your takeover with 5-8 premium, officially-licensed Invader Zim collectibles, embodying the show's unique charm and Zim's unwavering, albeit misguided, determination. From GIR's antics to Dib's skepticism, celebrate the chaos of Zim's quest.

Prepare for Planetary Domination!

Capture the Invader Zim Mystery Box and let the zany spirit of Zim and his quest to conquer Earth invigorate your daily life. It's the ultimate collection for Invader Zim fans and Earth's future overlords alike.

  • Includes 5-8 Premium Products
  • Savings Up To $20 Off Retail
    (when purchased individually)
  • Buying for yourself?
    Same Box = Same Contents

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