Venom Mystery Box


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We. Are. Venom.

Introducing the Marvel Venom Mystery Box. Each box contains a curated collection of officially licensed merchandise and collectibles featuring the #1 anti-hero Venom.  With 5-8 items per box, it's the perfect way to fill out your collection, or as a gift for fans of the Symbiote.

Eyes. Lungs. Pancreas. So Many Snacks, So Little Time.

Venom is a complex and iconic character in the Marvel Comics universe, originating as a sentient alien symbiote that bonds with various hosts, most famously with Eddie Brock. As Venom, the symbiote grants its host superhuman abilities, including immense strength and agility, along with shape-shifting capabilities. Initially portrayed as a villain, Venom later evolves into an anti-hero with a sense of morality and a desire to protect innocents, albeit through violent means at times. The character's internal struggle between the symbiote's dark impulses and the host's conscience adds depth to their dynamic. With a distinct appearance and a penchant for dark humor, Venom has become a fan favorite, embodying themes of duality, redemption, and the complexity of morality.

  • Includes 5-8 Premium Products
  • Savings Up To $20 Off Retail
    (when purchased individually)
  • Buying for yourself?
    Same Box = Same Contents

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